The Chili Queens

O. M. G…where should I start? This will be my first review on a food truck. Prices of food totally suites my budget for the criteria of the blog either for lunch or for dinner.

The Chili Queens is new to San Antonio which, for me, is kind of scare to try according to how I decide where to eat. yes….yelp reviews comes handy for my decisions. The Queens launched their business at an art show where I was featured. My poor stomach had been growling for bites when the show was close to the end. The generous Queens scooped up the last chili from her pot with mountain full cheddar cheese. HA! I couldn’t finished it. The chili was good, but a bit salty for my taste (For your fair comparison to my pallet, H.E.B’s deli-prepared fried fish is too too salty for me) but I can see bread would go perfect with the chili.  The seasoning! Because of the nature of how chili is done, various  ingredients that has been cooked and mashed for hours, I could not tell what is in it. The taste was deep but mild..but deep?, soul searching through vodka? yes…I did tasted vodka. Well.. I could,t throw away that abundant chili that I used for miso soup base with seaweed in it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It worked. I enjoyed the soup for two days.

My next plan of attack was brisket. I might not a huge fan of red meat, but I have tongue to distinguish from good to bad. The first impression? CLEAN! clean clean clean nicely prepared brisket had very clean meaty taste. Natural meat taste was pleasant and masculine of itself. It wasn’t greasy at all, but enough to swallow smoothly to my throat.

It can stand by itself, or any type of sauces can compliment the taste. Personally, I do not like B.B.Q sauce instead I use pickled stuff like onion, cucumber or jalapeño. The Queens had last two in addition to Shiracha sauce. YES! I think SIP received extra point because of it. They will ask you a dollop of sour cream and cilantro for your taco. Unless you are lactose intolerance, I recommend it to boost up your brisket wrapped in warm tortilla. And why don’t you order a cup of mint lemonade?

The color of this hipstamatic drink is strange. The transulent green agonized my curiosity for a person who rarely order drink in a restaurant. A hint of mint and lemon under lightly sweeten liquid is well suited under SA weather and cleans up my pallet. I did wished to try their chili salad and The Roosevelt. well..maybe later because I am going back for more!

Check their Botanica Stop ‘n Go

“Conveniently located inside the pastry window of The Chili Queens mobile food truck”
I may have to get their “Incensio Unblock Me” for my blog’s popularity.


After long exhausting weekdays, you better crave ice-cold beer with 삐까번쩍 (vibrantly shining) pieces of sashimi. So I called up my friend who was into seaweed rolls (a.k.a. naked kim bab = 김밥). You! Do you know the taste of seaweed? Then, we have a very high chance of expanding this conversation to the distant horizon. 

OSAKA came to our list priced at ✨✨✨. Well…it is more like two. Their price is just like any other Japanese restaurants. So feel free to try ~ award yourself at this “of course! I will go again” place.

We ordered 2 appetizers of deep-fried tofu bathing in soy sauce and seaweed salad (yo~my favorite: I used to get a box….x doubled shoe box size of this and ATE it all). Seaweed salad was pre-made which has been distributed by a factory. How do I know? I am guessing (suck it or take it).

The deep-fried tofu was nice in first two pieces. It was the oil…too much of the taste for me.  Here is home-made version recipe:

roll soft tofu in egg white -> flour -> Japanese bread crumbs = you better go easy on that flour. deep-fried them

sauce: Japanese low sodium soy sauce + a bit of sugar + rice vinegar (easy~) + shallot

after dumping the tofu in the bath, sprinkle with shaved dried fish (a.k.a.Katsuobushi)

eat it like RIGHT NOW – thing will get soggy.

My gentle warning to a person who dares to try my recipe. I have not try for myself yet. I might in my next party.

California roll seemed smaller than what I had seen before. But who care! I don’t eat that unless other people order it for me. Rice has been cook to the perfection with right amount of rice vinegar. Clean and every bit of different ingredients went ‘check’ , ‘check’ on my tongue. But who care about the roll? Other than they used rice harvested in 2011 (fresh) and high quality one. My 14 piece of sashimi plate was the swirled of heaven if I can make then gods. Distinguished fish smell was NON exist, they melted like buttery pound cake(yap! they were sweet~~~) and were cut in chunk.

It was interesting to found out that one of their sushi chefs and my server were Korean. oh~~~oh~~~AH~~~~, GO EAT THERE.

I am putting my right hand on my left chest and telling you, I never had that quality sashimi in San Antonio. Other than my server refused to speak in Korean with me (nah! one star down), I am going back there to get my sashimi fixed.

MAD Hatters Tea House & Cafe

In a hottest day in San Antonio, I decided to ride bicycle to pick up lunch…from somewhere…. It was happened to be at Madhatters  Tea House & Cafe, and I am regretting as like in hell for this. Their customer service was nice and friendly regardless of busy brunch hours in Saturday. I called it up for ordering and somehow, a representative gently? recommended me to order in person because they are fairly fast which was proven to be not so exact. There were about 5 groups of people in line and my turn came after six to eight minutes later. Okay…I could handle that ( I hated you for lying to were just busy to get my phone call).

So again, I did get my all time sandwich “The Original Turkey, mashed avocado & chilpotle cream cheese with greens, tomato, pickled onion, sourdough” for 7.99 with chip and salsa as a side. I thought about half sandwich and a small salad….freaki’n hungry for that much. The words “whole”,  “large” and “stuff” had never been attractive that much before. Oh! I also asked for a container of hot sauce (&^%$#@#$%^&^%$# NEVER TO BE FOUND).

With additional 50 cent for to-go, I paid about $ 9 something. About $1 more than Sip. My sandwich was wrapped in a paper box container which resembled that of Sip. When I opened it up for the truth, Disappointment waved in to my heart like tsunami. They failed in visual fullness. Surface was dried and no delicious fume penetrating the air. Veggie looked fresh although. No muscle man can win over hunger. My mouth was already full of stuff….STUFF…. dang

➚Not has been proven FACTs

⎯MH buys their chips

⎯MH buys their bread

⎯MH doesnt track down expiration date of above items

⎯MH freezes their bread and defrosts at the time of use

Chips did contained this awkward old oil taste that it almost made me throw up. Salsa was bland…nadah whatsoever. Their sourdough but not so much DOUGH wasn’t flaky and hard, but moisture wasnt evenly distributed in each layers which was a sign of this thing had been frozen. Smell and taste of yeast already disappeared. Most important unavoidable fact is bread composes 60% of a sandwich. chilpotle cream cheese? I saw some orange white stuff and stingy amount of turkey in the $9 sandwich. Mashed avocado passed the color test. The entire sandwich was so dry that my saliva didnt activated AT ALL, and I got this for $9. Is this some kind of joke? I had been wanting to eat here with heart beats. I wont waste my time writing about it. really no second chance.. They failed from ingredients. ADIOS

SIP sip sips-ipsss

Another day came, and my stomach sang a song for daily bread. Under this kind of circumstances, I crave for a big bowl of spring green salad together with something spicy. well……Sip came into my mind. This deli/coffee shop always take my attention due to their coffee mug shape signage with sip on it. Deep relationship has been built up with my morning habit and this onomatopoetic word. That to say, this place has been unfortunate for this past years bumping into me in wrong time.  

I stared up to a ceiling mounted menu board for a minute (my goddess neck hurt).  Hot & Spicy, Hot & Spicy, hot and spicy….damnit. but tah-dah~~~ They had Shiracha sauce! free on a side (1000 x +point!) Their eleven different mixed meat and veggie panini sandwiches were already made and displayed waiting to get some pretty grill mark (hmmm..let me think about that situation = ‘₪’). I ordred lunch special by listing turkey, artichoke parmesan and baby spinach where I could have just by saying #2!      -_-;;; The FOOD prepared in prompt manner of within 3 minutes (₪ helped).


First of all, I would like to inform you that they claim “featuring Boar’s Head Premium Meats and Cheeses, served on house bread, grilled to order”

I guess many deli stores in the downtown in love with Boar’s Head brand. They are good, and I have deep history with the brand since living in GA. Artichoke mixed with parmesan cheese tastes like what it is supposed to be. As an whole, there is nothing to say bad actually; however, it sin’t flattering when the taste is compatible to Subway’s -a bit of exaggeration here..Subway’s has some sort of fridge-burn taste sometime. Because it costs $ 8.63 which includes a half foot sandwich, a cup of side salad and drink. Hoagie “wana-be” panini is a bit dried and dense for my preference. Turkey and artichoke combo is well-balance of taste if I had a package of pepper which they didn’t have. Mostly roman, a bit of spring green and shredded carrot is A SALAD. I stuffed that in my sandwich to get some extra moisture (is this happening because of ₪ ?).  Or am I just a ciabatta (The Station) woman? I love their very minimal packaging-everything in a box, but there is feeling of things running around inside..maybe a layer of paper around sandwich would be pleasant. Another minuscular disappointment comes from not getting a fork and napkin……..(….silence). The experience leaves me something there is un-fresh about it (probably because of ₪ … who knows the scene behind the counter). I can go back and don’t really mind. They definitely receive a huge point having Shiracha sauce (nya nya nya nya). I still love the station – shiracha, ciabatta, house sauces and salad for same price.

My budget is TOO LOW?

well..Stop complaining where I am eating my meal. The whole reason of this blog came as a resolution for lunch take-out while at work. Jung is not thinking of playing house wife of herself this early. nono to bento liquid dripping nor ants attack. I do eat out at more than ✳ restaurants. (emphasis! emphasis!!✈Jung wants to get 〪〭〫〫〬〬surprise~♬♫♪♩with her finding for her very first meal of a day. My recent experiences at Stone Werks and Jason’s Deli weren’t pleasant. Let me starts with the Stone Werks. I ordered GOAT CHEESE & SUN DRIED TOMATOES: Goat cheese, mozzarella & parmesan, with roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil. $12.99 With smoked bacon $13.99. It was good. ♡ goat cheese….but it was 6 pm dinner…and I had my lunch at 3pm. I faced the sodium problem. Nonetheless, They were good from my past experiences. Try DEEP FRIED MUSHROOMS : Fresh mushrooms lightly battered and fried, served with house made cream gravy. $7.99    One from my company ordered Prime Steak? gigantic as size of my face and bloody as hell. He recommended to dip that meat in au jus sauce.

And YOU! JASON DELI, you are so going down today. I tried not to mention you guys due to well serving of University of Texas at San Antonio Art Association Brown Bag artist lectures; however, there is no hole for you to escape. This is what I ordered :

Mediterranean Wrap

Organic wheat wrap filled with 98% fat free oven roasted turkey breast, roasted red pepper hummus, cucumbers, purple onions, kalamata olives, roma tomatoes, organic field greens. 6.29

I almost crashed my jaw with pieces of hidden kalamata olive seeds. There was not only one but three! No excuse was needed to be heard. heh heh heh, Although, I wished for their unlimited salad bar.

no picture! pretty well known spots – help yourself.

Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger

This place smelled like jerked by fried oil. Sorry, That was my first impression. There is something going on in the kitchen. It might be lack of ventilation or compact size of the place. Many Vintage signs and photos were collaged on the walls. Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger has more than average positive reviews by people who come here after jury duty. I did some research and decided on Blackening Chicky burger. Your choice of fries or fried onion comes with a burger order. With five bucks, I think that is a deal for lunch. Just like any other experience, I asked mayo and mustard on a side with jalopeno.

It was 2pm busy lunch crowd subdued dramatically. Nonetheless, my order took 15 minutes to be arrive on my table. ha! I could tell they cook in order with care. My fat chicken had beautiful brown around the edge, chewiness, tanginess and lightly crispy with it’s juice dropping like broken facet. But, here was the taste. I knew blacken seasoning is salty and Candy’s went over my expectation. I could tell chicken was marinated for a long time. The saltiness penetrated deeply into the flesh. (ToT);;;;; Goodness gracious can you please let me enjoy my first meal of the day. Cook even pan-fried my jalopeno and tomato and seared my buns which were very considerate of the cook to a customer who was about to bi*ching on his/hers. Regardless of the cook’s generosity, my buns got soaking wet due to much butter on the seared buns. Mayo and mustard arrived about the same time when my burger got ugly -geeze..that was fast. Chicken was jerking my lips in every bites. I wished for more lettuce. well…half of my burger went to trash. The onion ring shaped like large version of burger king’s. The taste, of course, way better. It was simply well fried with decently clean oil and covered with very basic flour batter. Yes, it was a bit salty, , , , , , ,too.  I guess I should have gotten hamburger. My daily sodium intake was being satisfied by chief’s special Blackening Chicky burger. You dare to try. The restaurant uses good ingredients. My criticism is always in behalf of my bodily needs. Oh~~ Maria~~I miss you.

Dante’s Pizza

When you have been starved for more than 16 hours, your mouth likes to inhale rather than exhale, and this is what happened to me today. I usually get my lunch from the Filling Station when I work in San Antonio downtown. My last lunch I had there was pulled pork sandwich with chipotle sauce where I had no veggie that came with. Let me have some break from the Station. According to my first step in empirical observation, Dante’s thick oil shine American style pizza looks great in the photos. What others’ said about it? Click Here   

But I needed my veggie for my first meal and their description on salads was too simple for my hunger at the moment. I ordered “Santa Fe” sandwich which came with ranch dressing (?).

Dried chicken was probably cooked a day or days ago (they reheated in a oven) but decently seasoned with salt and pepper (it was still bit juicy). They did sectioned a whole chicken breast horizontally against the grain which cut out amount of protein in the sandwich. Carnivore Jung doesn’t like that. I got everything I asked for -Lettuce, tomato slices, olives, jalopeno and sauce on a side (I feel stupid that I asked though). It is pretty basic simple no rule sandwich except for the name. My lettuce
was a bit withered. So again…I was starving..

With $5.10 in total, I regretted that I should had gone to subway where I could have spinach. oh yeah, I found Mt. Dew (yes, Im the lover)~~~~Supernova and Voltage . . . .with the ridiculous price of $ 1.98 / bottle. . . . @-@;;;;; It is just my first..It is. No second..