Beginning of Food Criticism

Oh yeah~ Junghee came from a country serving rice as a golden rule for every meal. I decided to blog about semi-formal criticism of restaurant food. Korean wasn’t even huge on American fastfood franchises in a year I left. Smell of oil grease in my high school cafeteria seemed overwhelmed my nasal sense that I rarely had deep-fried food. The Food channel’s well constructed shows delivered entertainment and had given an opportunity to me how to say things in English. As time passed by, I became an avid cook (mostly fusion) and developed my own set of rules for “GOOD” eat.

Junghee’s Golden rules for “GOOD” eat :

1. use of fresh ingredients

2. applying right amount of heat & cooking time

3. how well accentuate good taste and kill bad taste of an ingredient

4. balance between ingredients

5. creativity and uniqueness of a dish

6. nutrient

Junghee’s eat & live philosophy :

1. everything is somehow in someway will help your body move

2. I neither believe in protein, vegan nor raw-food life style (although they have advantages that I respect and enjoy)

3. I do believe in portion control. Since I stopped growing up, my body can burn fixed calories, and metabolism is getting slow. My daily calories need is under 1,500 cal. for sedentary life style. (I really don’t have many choices from American restaurant menu)

4. There is so many different mineral and vitamin daily with my not so much daily intake that I build a habit of “eating like you come to small buffet”

5. First bite is always the best!

I am ready to bi*ching about what I eat and what I pay. For your information, Junghee doesn’t eat shell-fish except clamp nor barbacoa. no pig ears, tails, feet, noses and cow tongues. However, she likes to try new. She believes everybody have their own rules for their bodily needs and is going to write about hers.

I love RAW fish~ ❤    ✗NO RICE✗


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