The Copper Kitchen at Southwest School of Art

Junghee is about to introduce her most favorite salad. As known as “Jung’s Salad” at the Copper Kitchen (Club Giraud) located on Ursuline Campus at Southwest School of Art, it passes the golden rules #1 to #6 and is blended by Jung.

What is so special about this salad that she gets it at least twice per week?

Herb salad dressing made out from italian parsley blended in olive oil is the key. The fume of the ingredients does not overpower freshness of spring green mix. The color of bright minty green oil claims itself “I’m so healthy”. Their house salsa is prepared with double boiling and is hot, Hot, HOT! I obtain my sodium from parmesan cheese and croutons. Here is the mixology:

1. one spoon full of the herb salad

2. three spoons of the house salsa ( I get 1 more…and I’m spicy Korean)

3. The kitchen staff will mix spring greens (about 2 cups) with croutons and parmesan cheese

4. I add the salsa and extra parmesan cheese ( I did mention my ❤ of cheese)

5. set it steady for at least 3 minutes untill little delicious atoms marrying away or until croutons get subtly softer.

warning: Jung’s salad is not on the Copper Kitchen menu; however, you can try with side salad and cut the amount of dressing and salsa in half. Also, meat entree and soup might be salty for your palette (yeah..I rarely get them), but the C.K makes deep Tex-Mex combined with semi-italian and french cuisine. Sometime their bison and quaile and duck enchilada surprise me.

Their salsa and herb dressing have amazing balance in flavor. I will never get each one separately nor forget to include parmesan cheese – it helps cutting away the heat). Another reason that I treasure the salad is “I could not mimic their recipe!!”


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