CIA Bakery Café

After lunch at Tomatillos on Broadway, I went on the downtown tour with my cousin. We happened to pass by Pearl and there it was! Culinary Institute of America San Antonio location. I heard about CIA Bakery Café. Exhausting an hour lunch at Tomatillos with decent food ( Fresh ), a nice cup of coffee with a piece of cake would not fit for this 100 degree San Antonio weather. What the heck! Let’s pretend that we are New Yorkers. Wonderfully organized bakery display case with yellow light caught my eyes, and wrapping boxes with letters hand stamped with gold ink were the next. I ordered 12 oz. cowboy blend. It wasn’t my first one for today but as good as the first kick. They brewed as strong as ✭bucks; however, it was much more flavorful and aromatic than Pike place, Sumatra or Italian blend (I can think of this much for now).

Monte Albán” with crushed hazelnut as a base with 72% Dark Venezuelan Chocolate in the middle and square spiral pattern made with coco powder blended in thin sheet of cake bestowed its name visually. Bitterness of the dark, mild sweetness and exuberant nuttiness synchronized the ingredients. Sadly, I wasn’t well thoughtful enough to drink my coffee in black. After three bites, I couldn’t take it any more due to overwhelming buttery taste.

I would like to try their sandwich sometime.  CIA Bakery Café is small easily get crowded during lunch time due to their tiny space, but give yourself try. Their desert will make you think it is not that evilicious, and dont forget! go limited with sugar for your drink if you really want to enjoy their desert.

One Chu!

Monte Albán $3.75

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