Dante’s Pizza

When you have been starved for more than 16 hours, your mouth likes to inhale rather than exhale, and this is what happened to me today. I usually get my lunch from the Filling Station when I work in San Antonio downtown. My last lunch I had there was pulled pork sandwich with chipotle sauce where I had no veggie that came with. Let me have some break from the Station. According to my first step in empirical observation, Dante’s thick oil shine American style pizza looks great in the photos. What others’ said about it? Click Here   

But I needed my veggie for my first meal and their description on salads was too simple for my hunger at the moment. I ordered “Santa Fe” sandwich which came with ranch dressing (?).

Dried chicken was probably cooked a day or days ago (they reheated in a oven) but decently seasoned with salt and pepper (it was still bit juicy). They did sectioned a whole chicken breast horizontally against the grain which cut out amount of protein in the sandwich. Carnivore Jung doesn’t like that. I got everything I asked for -Lettuce, tomato slices, olives, jalopeno and sauce on a side (I feel stupid that I asked though). It is pretty basic simple no rule sandwich except for the name. My lettuce
was a bit withered. So again…I was starving..

With $5.10 in total, I regretted that I should had gone to subway where I could have spinach. oh yeah, I found Mt. Dew (yes, Im the lover)~~~~Supernova and Voltage . . . .with the ridiculous price of $ 1.98 / bottle. . . . @-@;;;;; It is just my first..It is. No second..


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