Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger

This place smelled like jerked by fried oil. Sorry, That was my first impression. There is something going on in the kitchen. It might be lack of ventilation or compact size of the place. Many Vintage signs and photos were collaged on the walls. Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger has more than average positive reviews by people who come here after jury duty. I did some research and decided on Blackening Chicky burger. Your choice of fries or fried onion comes with a burger order. With five bucks, I think that is a deal for lunch. Just like any other experience, I asked mayo and mustard on a side with jalopeno.

It was 2pm busy lunch crowd subdued dramatically. Nonetheless, my order took 15 minutes to be arrive on my table. ha! I could tell they cook in order with care. My fat chicken had beautiful brown around the edge, chewiness, tanginess and lightly crispy with it’s juice dropping like broken facet. But, here was the taste. I knew blacken seasoning is salty and Candy’s went over my expectation. I could tell chicken was marinated for a long time. The saltiness penetrated deeply into the flesh. (ToT);;;;; Goodness gracious can you please let me enjoy my first meal of the day. Cook even pan-fried my jalopeno and tomato and seared my buns which were very considerate of the cook to a customer who was about to bi*ching on his/hers. Regardless of the cook’s generosity, my buns got soaking wet due to much butter on the seared buns. Mayo and mustard arrived about the same time when my burger got ugly -geeze..that was fast. Chicken was jerking my lips in every bites. I wished for more lettuce. well…half of my burger went to trash. The onion ring shaped like large version of burger king’s. The taste, of course, way better. It was simply well fried with decently clean oil and covered with very basic flour batter. Yes, it was a bit salty, , , , , , ,too.  I guess I should have gotten hamburger. My daily sodium intake was being satisfied by chief’s special Blackening Chicky burger. You dare to try. The restaurant uses good ingredients. My criticism is always in behalf of my bodily needs. Oh~~ Maria~~I miss you.


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