MAD Hatters Tea House & Cafe

In a hottest day in San Antonio, I decided to ride bicycle to pick up lunch…from somewhere…. It was happened to be at Madhatters  Tea House & Cafe, and I am regretting as like in hell for this. Their customer service was nice and friendly regardless of busy brunch hours in Saturday. I called it up for ordering and somehow, a representative gently? recommended me to order in person because they are fairly fast which was proven to be not so exact. There were about 5 groups of people in line and my turn came after six to eight minutes later. Okay…I could handle that ( I hated you for lying to were just busy to get my phone call).

So again, I did get my all time sandwich “The Original Turkey, mashed avocado & chilpotle cream cheese with greens, tomato, pickled onion, sourdough” for 7.99 with chip and salsa as a side. I thought about half sandwich and a small salad….freaki’n hungry for that much. The words “whole”,  “large” and “stuff” had never been attractive that much before. Oh! I also asked for a container of hot sauce (&^%$#@#$%^&^%$# NEVER TO BE FOUND).

With additional 50 cent for to-go, I paid about $ 9 something. About $1 more than Sip. My sandwich was wrapped in a paper box container which resembled that of Sip. When I opened it up for the truth, Disappointment waved in to my heart like tsunami. They failed in visual fullness. Surface was dried and no delicious fume penetrating the air. Veggie looked fresh although. No muscle man can win over hunger. My mouth was already full of stuff….STUFF…. dang

➚Not has been proven FACTs

⎯MH buys their chips

⎯MH buys their bread

⎯MH doesnt track down expiration date of above items

⎯MH freezes their bread and defrosts at the time of use

Chips did contained this awkward old oil taste that it almost made me throw up. Salsa was bland…nadah whatsoever. Their sourdough but not so much DOUGH wasn’t flaky and hard, but moisture wasnt evenly distributed in each layers which was a sign of this thing had been frozen. Smell and taste of yeast already disappeared. Most important unavoidable fact is bread composes 60% of a sandwich. chilpotle cream cheese? I saw some orange white stuff and stingy amount of turkey in the $9 sandwich. Mashed avocado passed the color test. The entire sandwich was so dry that my saliva didnt activated AT ALL, and I got this for $9. Is this some kind of joke? I had been wanting to eat here with heart beats. I wont waste my time writing about it. really no second chance.. They failed from ingredients. ADIOS


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