After long exhausting weekdays, you better crave ice-cold beer with 삐까번쩍 (vibrantly shining) pieces of sashimi. So I called up my friend who was into seaweed rolls (a.k.a. naked kim bab = 김밥). You! Do you know the taste of seaweed? Then, we have a very high chance of expanding this conversation to the distant horizon. 

OSAKA came to our list priced at ✨✨✨. Well…it is more like two. Their price is just like any other Japanese restaurants. So feel free to try ~ award yourself at this “of course! I will go again” place.

We ordered 2 appetizers of deep-fried tofu bathing in soy sauce and seaweed salad (yo~my favorite: I used to get a box….x doubled shoe box size of this and ATE it all). Seaweed salad was pre-made which has been distributed by a factory. How do I know? I am guessing (suck it or take it).

The deep-fried tofu was nice in first two pieces. It was the oil…too much of the taste for me.  Here is home-made version recipe:

roll soft tofu in egg white -> flour -> Japanese bread crumbs = you better go easy on that flour. deep-fried them

sauce: Japanese low sodium soy sauce + a bit of sugar + rice vinegar (easy~) + shallot

after dumping the tofu in the bath, sprinkle with shaved dried fish (a.k.a.Katsuobushi)

eat it like RIGHT NOW – thing will get soggy.

My gentle warning to a person who dares to try my recipe. I have not try for myself yet. I might in my next party.

California roll seemed smaller than what I had seen before. But who care! I don’t eat that unless other people order it for me. Rice has been cook to the perfection with right amount of rice vinegar. Clean and every bit of different ingredients went ‘check’ , ‘check’ on my tongue. But who care about the roll? Other than they used rice harvested in 2011 (fresh) and high quality one. My 14 piece of sashimi plate was the swirled of heaven if I can make then gods. Distinguished fish smell was NON exist, they melted like buttery pound cake(yap! they were sweet~~~) and were cut in chunk.

It was interesting to found out that one of their sushi chefs and my server were Korean. oh~~~oh~~~AH~~~~, GO EAT THERE.

I am putting my right hand on my left chest and telling you, I never had that quality sashimi in San Antonio. Other than my server refused to speak in Korean with me (nah! one star down), I am going back there to get my sashimi fixed.


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