The Chili Queens

O. M. G…where should I start? This will be my first review on a food truck. Prices of food totally suites my budget for the criteria of the blog either for lunch or for dinner.

The Chili Queens is new to San Antonio which, for me, is kind of scare to try according to how I decide where to eat. yes….yelp reviews comes handy for my decisions. The Queens launched their business at an art show where I was featured. My poor stomach had been growling for bites when the show was close to the end. The generous Queens scooped up the last chili from her pot with mountain full cheddar cheese. HA! I couldn’t finished it. The chili was good, but a bit salty for my taste (For your fair comparison to my pallet, H.E.B’s deli-prepared fried fish is too too salty for me) but I can see bread would go perfect with the chili.  The seasoning! Because of the nature of how chili is done, various  ingredients that has been cooked and mashed for hours, I could not tell what is in it. The taste was deep but mild..but deep?, soul searching through vodka? yes…I did tasted vodka. Well.. I could,t throw away that abundant chili that I used for miso soup base with seaweed in it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It worked. I enjoyed the soup for two days.

My next plan of attack was brisket. I might not a huge fan of red meat, but I have tongue to distinguish from good to bad. The first impression? CLEAN! clean clean clean nicely prepared brisket had very clean meaty taste. Natural meat taste was pleasant and masculine of itself. It wasn’t greasy at all, but enough to swallow smoothly to my throat.

It can stand by itself, or any type of sauces can compliment the taste. Personally, I do not like B.B.Q sauce instead I use pickled stuff like onion, cucumber or jalapeño. The Queens had last two in addition to Shiracha sauce. YES! I think SIP received extra point because of it. They will ask you a dollop of sour cream and cilantro for your taco. Unless you are lactose intolerance, I recommend it to boost up your brisket wrapped in warm tortilla. And why don’t you order a cup of mint lemonade?

The color of this hipstamatic drink is strange. The transulent green agonized my curiosity for a person who rarely order drink in a restaurant. A hint of mint and lemon under lightly sweeten liquid is well suited under SA weather and cleans up my pallet. I did wished to try their chili salad and The Roosevelt. well..maybe later because I am going back for more!

Check their Botanica Stop ‘n Go

“Conveniently located inside the pastry window of The Chili Queens mobile food truck”
I may have to get their “Incensio Unblock Me” for my blog’s popularity.

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