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I practice art making and like to cook extensively. Throughout my life experiences, I learn soy sauce and green curry hate each others, and cooking is painless form of art making. My criticism on food is as hard as on art. Let’s explore the art of mixing and balance! You are welcome to leave your own criticism on mine.

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4 thoughts on “meet the blogger

  1. The world thinks of pepper on blackened, pan-fried food.. The salt part sounds lke they got it way off. Nonetheless, the peppering on that chicken looks wimpy. Keep the buttered bun. But how could you throw away half of your chicken sandwich and give up so fast on having a satisfying meal? If you can’t trust that the old-fashioned burger comes with old-fashioned service, then this place needs papering. Ya. probably you couldn’t have finished the whole thing and that’s why you trashed it. But something about the place kept you from requesting a great brunch from Candy. Incidently, “Candy” doesn’t sound like a person with char-grilling savvy. So maybe that was your first mistake. Besides, I’d rather hear about the pie. Anyway, JHM, I enjoy all of your postings. Oh my god! and now a Blog! I am so in food critic heaven. Perhaps you will honor me with the task of photodocumenting the foodservice invasions of a funny Asian artist with world-class expectations of small burger joints.

    • Well..I talked so much while I was eating which might enhanced the saltiness. Actually, other flavors (like juicy chicken, pen-fried vegetable) were super and the onion rings had clean after taste. yes, I treasured their old decor and wouldn’t mind smelling penetrated oil in the air. hehehe! Why not? I would like to give the opening paragraph with foreshadowing. Every restaurant should make good food! It is what they are selling. In the future, I will consider comparative disappointment due to price. But for Candy’s….I could have eaten all if the salt wasnt on my way. Thanks very much for reading my blogs and the comment. it kinda help to cut down my sarcasm (I got to be careful with this). I am open to creative ideas and projects.

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