Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger

This place smelled like jerked by fried oil. Sorry, That was my first impression. There is something going on in the kitchen. It might be lack of ventilation or compact size of the place. Many Vintage signs and photos were collaged on the walls. Candy’s Old Fashioned Burger has more than average positive reviews by people who come here after jury duty. I did some research and decided on Blackening Chicky burger. Your choice of fries or fried onion comes with a burger order. With five bucks, I think that is a deal for lunch. Just like any other experience, I asked mayo and mustard on a side with jalopeno.

It was 2pm busy lunch crowd subdued dramatically. Nonetheless, my order took 15 minutes to be arrive on my table. ha! I could tell they cook in order with care. My fat chicken had beautiful brown around the edge, chewiness, tanginess and lightly crispy with it’s juice dropping like broken facet. But, here was the taste. I knew blacken seasoning is salty and Candy’s went over my expectation. I could tell chicken was marinated for a long time. The saltiness penetrated deeply into the flesh. (ToT);;;;; Goodness gracious can you please let me enjoy my first meal of the day. Cook even pan-fried my jalopeno and tomato and seared my buns which were very considerate of the cook to a customer who was about to bi*ching on his/hers. Regardless of the cook’s generosity, my buns got soaking wet due to much butter on the seared buns. Mayo and mustard arrived about the same time when my burger got ugly -geeze..that was fast. Chicken was jerking my lips in every bites. I wished for more lettuce. well…half of my burger went to trash. The onion ring shaped like large version of burger king’s. The taste, of course, way better. It was simply well fried with decently clean oil and covered with very basic flour batter. Yes, it was a bit salty, , , , , , ,too.  I guess I should have gotten hamburger. My daily sodium intake was being satisfied by chief’s special Blackening Chicky burger. You dare to try. The restaurant uses good ingredients. My criticism is always in behalf of my bodily needs. Oh~~ Maria~~I miss you.


Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Junghee is frugal and amazed by “eating-out” culture in this country. Somehow she begins busy with work and talk s*i* with her newly habitualized words. The green comes and goes ~ Let’s spend it.

A restaurant review by SACurrent about Five Guys Burger caught my eyes few months ago. “Oh~yeaH” ……..bad idea. According to my knowledge, grind meat burger easily can have 400 cal. at minimum. Remember Junghee! your calories intake for a meal is less than 500. I ordered Light Burger that comes with one patty and my choice of toppings. I love cheese but decided not for this time due to indescribable  balance between meat and cheese. The stink of cheese ( where is this originated anyway?) would prevent my tongue to appreciate juice from the meat which was what they are known for.

Hi~~~eeeee. Can I have a light burger with grilled mushroom, onion and green pepper..tomato and letters…..aaaaand jalapeno.

ummm….Let me get regular fries, too. (with that…It was over my lunch budget, but why not? I was hungry)

On 11: 50am, the place was crowded. I had five orders in front of me which took 5 minute till my turn. An order for a minute was not bad. I detected some vinegar sauce bottles, ketchup and BBQ SAUSE~~hmm. They also had self served shelled peanuts in two boxes full and was delicious, fresh and roasty. I waited two minutes for my about to be broken dream burger and fries.

Before I get into the taste, I would like to point out their method of cooking the half-inches thick patty. On a huge flat griddle, a cook put about fifteens at the same time (’s lunch time and praising the fast past). And the cook started pressing the small poor guys down really really hard. The meat left five inches diameter of protein on the griddle. Well….honey (the protein)….you are supposed not to live like that and not to leave those burnt. I just lost my important element there. . . bomber. The burnt was the reason for no mayo and no cheese and would keep the patty warm longer. (-65/100)

I got BBQ sauce on a side-friendly customer service but didn’t want to talk about the plain brown viscous liquid. Fries….yeah the fries…..thick string cut with the skin on. I shredded a piece with my teeth. There was a extremely high possibility that the piece absorbed a tsp or two of peanut oil. The waxed paper cup container for the fries facilitated sogginess (super). If I was getting the string, I would expect crispness. Where are you Ruby’s or even McDonald~~~?!!!! It went to trash. (-20/100)

I ended up obtaining my daily fat requirement from the peanut oil and mayo which I did not ask for my burger. Chunky diced cut white onion broke the entire balance. I could only feel the dried-out rounded patty parts. Grilled mushroom was canned which could tell by the way it had been cut and the taste of course. (-15/100)

Their buns? You could not say it was made by carefully selected bakeries if buns have sesame seeds on the top. The taste of their so proudly advertised buns did not meet my expectation. (you are going down~~~)

In sum, FGBF receives (-100/100) which means ZERO~ ulala. Do I have any suggestion for improvement, or am I going to try different FGBF’s burger? I have my grieve on their business strategies. According to my golden rules, #1 (failed due to the mushroom), #2,3 & 4 (failed due to their meat patty cooking method and b*a* onion) which means #5 and #6 automatically dropped.

I have no images but ENJOY~~~(>0<)